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Travel Through Life by Matt Sundakov
Travel Through Life
Matt grew up in the Soviet Union, he was born into a Jewish family and Jewish people in Russia experienced discrimination. The absolute majority of them were not religious and Matt’s generation knew nothing about Jewish history, language or culture. The Soviet Government had succeeded in that respect - there was nothing Jewish in their lives: their language was Russian, their culture was Russian, and their interests were the same as those of other ethnic Russians. So, in essence, they were completely assimilated.

For ordinary people, life in the former Soviet Union was never comfortable and it could be worse for those who happened to be Jewish. Soviet official policy did not let Jewish people feel, participate or benefit as everyone else - and after the Six-Day War in 1967, which resulted in the military triumph of the young Jewish state but led to termination of diplomatic relations between State of Israel and the Soviet Union, things got worse.

‘Travel Through Life’ is based on the author's life which, even though quite turbulent and dramatic, is presented with vivid observations and good humour. There is also a lot of fascinating information on Soviet culture, traditions, customs and the mentality of ordinary folk, as it was seen and experienced by the author as he grew up.

Learn about Matt's personal life, and more importantly - about life and feelings of his generation in the old USSR and the reasons for leaving that 'mysterious' country by so many people. From his boyhood up to and beyond his emigration to the West in the beginning of 1979.

Come along and join Matt's travel through life and his journey through countries and continents... He describes the life of his generation in an informative, easy to read, and entertaining way. We do hope that many people will enjoy reading this book, smiling and laughing even if sometimes, through tears...

Number of Words: 55500
Genre: Biographies

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