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The Fall of the Steward by Will LaPage
The Fall of the Steward
A love story of the land.
Doug Stewart Pike has become a “whistle blower”, and is about to become a former park ranger.

Deciding to use his “administrative leave” to explore his Scottish heritage, he hopes that the birthplace of stewardship will reveal some explanation of the paradox between its romantic image and its disappointing reality.

Along the way, with the help of a beautiful and bright young college professor, he finds himself in the middle of a Senate hearing, a Scottish legal tangle, and a challenge to his goals that will change the course of his life.
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This story is of stewards and stewardship. No story ever just happens without the inspiration of endlessly interesting people, memorable places, and curious events filed away for future embellishment.

First are the parks, huge and small, always silently challenging us to consider their future. A stronger reminder that we can do a better job of caring for them could not exist than the bureaucracies, without whom the tragedy of the commons would be a far-fetched farce. But within those cold monoliths there exist countless individuals who, despite endless obstacles, manage to persist in caring for the land.

To the thousands of dedicated employees of public parks whose stewardship dreams have been scarred by the establishment this one’s for you.

Number of Words: 71000
Genre: General Fiction

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