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Sorting in C++ by Robert Agar-Hutton
Sorting in C++
Sorting in C++: With help from our friend ChatGPT

This eBook provides an overview of a variety of C++ sorting methods as well as an insight into how ChatGPT (and perhaps by extension, other AI programs) can be helpful, or otherwise, when writing code.
The sorting algorithms covered are:
Quicksort, Merge Sort, In-place merge sort, Introsort, Heapsort, Insertion sort, Timsort, Selection sort, Cubesort, Shellsort, Bubble sort, Tree sort, Cycle sort, Library sort, Patience sorting, Smoothsort, Strand sort, Cocktail shaker sort, Comb sort, Gnome sort, Odd–even sort, Pigeonhole sort, Bucket sort (uniform keys), Bucket sort (integer keys), Counting sort, LSD Radix Sort, Spreadsort, Burstsort, and Flashsort
The eBook also contains a link to a file that you can download that contains all the C++ code.

Number of Words: 14000
Genre: Computer Programming

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