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Secret Anger Management Techniques by Robert Agar-Hutton
Secret Anger Management Techniques
Anger can damage your health, your relationships, your business success or your job prospects. Learn that you can deal with your old anger habit and replace it with new and better ways of dealing with difficult situations.

Learn how to deal with anger and enjoy a stress free and more productive life.

The author of this book Robert Agar-Hutton is an expert on the management of Anger, Aggression and Violence and since 1995 he has trained many people to be both anger management coaches and anger management trainers (people who train others to be coaches). This book is a distillation of his practical and effective training methods that lets virtually anyone learn how to get rid of unwanted anger.

As well as the book (in Kindle format) you also get links to down-loadable worksheets that help you with the exercises suggested in the book and a link to a relaxation video (recorded by Robert) that is one of the many tools that the book discusses.

The approach to anger management is a blame-free practical one that looks at a variety of interconnected ways that will let you manage anger. These ways include:
Each is explained and each will allow you to improve your handling of situations that otherwise might result in anger.

The book also discusses what anger is and you will see why understanding a little about it and its causes can be of help in allowing you to deal effectively with your anger for once and all.
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Number of Words: 16000
Genre: Personal Development

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