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Rosamund Gale
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Uncertain Heritage
Set in Canada in the 1800s, this lively story of two innocent, warm-hearted orphan girls and their quest for happiness, success, knowledge of their parentage, and love.
This is a delightful novel, full of ironies and confusions that are not fully disentangled until the very last chapter.
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Childrens Stories
Old Zak
A magical story about an old man, his bike and his dog
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Plumrosa & Pinkin
This is a lovely illustrated children's book that tells the story of Plumrosa and her sister Pinkin, as they deal with the changes that come when you eat too many magical pies. The story is told in verse:

A great misfortune came their way,
Or should I say surprise?
It started in the butcher’s shop
When Pinkin bought meat pies.

The sisters ate the pies for lunch.
They did not leave a scrap.
Then, feeling very full indeed,
They went to have a nap.

And while they slept so happily,
The pies began their work.

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Rosamund Gale was born in the Republic of South Africa, where her father worked at the Witwatersrand gold mines. During the second world war, she moved to Johannesburg, her father fighting in Egypt and Italy, and being awarded the Military Cross. After studying for three years as a nursery school teacher, Rosamund went to teach in what was then Southern Rhodesia, a country she came to love deeply. Feeling an urge to see the world, Rosamund then moved to Canada, planning to stay a year.
Time passed quickly and Rosamund continued to teach, upgrading her studies, and gaining an M.A. in history. Thoroughly enjoying languages, she became comfortable in French. Writing was an interest, and after a writers' conference held in Montreal, where Rosamund met Nora, the two decided to write a book together and thus Uncertain Heritage was born.
Roamund has an active mind and has spent time in learning to weave, to paint and has also participated in writers' groups, A great believer in volunteering, she worked in a home for abused women, and the Montreal Childrens' Hospital.
Time disappeared and when retirement loomed, Rosamund decide to up and move again, to a kinder climate and nearer to the sea. Portugal was chosen and Rosamund settled happily in a small village, within walking distance from beautiful, rural dog walks. There she began a village animal-welfare group, which taught animal care and encouraged neutering.
Disaster then struck and Rosamund was hit by severe back injuries. Doctor's were totally discouraging about walking again and months flat on her back in bed, was not a pleasure. Rosamund now walks, if with difficulty and pain.
As ever there are things to learn and things to do. It is best to get up and do them. Life always hold surprises, and life is change.
Rosamund Gale
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