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Robert Agar-Hutton
Books and Profile
The characters in The Lord of the Rings
The characters in The Lord of the Rings: A discussion with ChatGPT about the characters in The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien
An illustrated analysis of many of the characters that appear in the great JRR Tolkien's book(s) 'The Lord of the Rings'.
Analysis by ChatGPT, illustrations via a number of AI programs, and author's comments.

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The characters in The Lord of the Rings
Children's Stories
The Gentle Animals
A collection of short Children's tales about animals - Ideal for a parent to read to a young child. Most of the stories also have accompanying photos,

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Science & Technology
A Little Talk With My Friend ChatGPT
What will A.I. lead to - is ChatGPT our friend or something else...
Let's start an investigation into the world of A.I. in a simple interactive dialog.
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Sorting in C++
This eBook provides an overview of a variety of C++ sorting methods as well as an insight into how ChatGPT (and perhaps by extension, other AI programs) can be helpful, or otherwise, when writing code.
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Personal Development
How To Deal With Verbal Aggression
Do you remember a time when you were made to feel uncomfortable by the way someone spoke or shouted or screamed at you?
  • Have you ever been the victim of verbal aggression?
  • Have you been talked down to, shouted at, sworn at or threatened?
  • Would you like to be able to protect yourself from verbal aggression?
Read this book so you can learn how to deal effectively with verbal aggression when it happens at work, at home or on the street.
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The Benefits of Tai Chi
In this short book, the author explains 14 of the benefits that practicing Tai Chi can give to you. He says: "I've been studying Tai Chi since the late 1970s and the experience has enriched my life - I hope that this book will persuade you to take up Tai Chi so that you can benefit too."
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Martial Arts
The Metamorphosis of Tai Chi
An overview of the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi. It discusses what the art is, what it comprises, how you can find good and competent instruction, and much more. It also looks at one of the great paradoxes of martial arts. How that sometimes the most deadly arts teach people to be peaceful.
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Martial Musings Volumes 1 to 6
The collection of Volumes 1 to 6 of Robert Agar-Hutton's Martial Musings an invaluable set of suggestions and ideas for martial arts students of any age. Robert is a lifelong Martial Arts student, studying since 1970 and still learning and teaching. He is an expert in Tai Chi, Karate Jutsu, and Self Defence with al;most 50 years of experience. If you study any martial art you should be able to find information and tips that will let you do more or do better...
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Robert Agar-Hutton
Robert (who was born in 1953) is married with three grown-up children and three grandchrildren. He has had a varied background as an accountant, a computer programmer and systems analyst, a business and marketing consultant, a website designer, a trainer, an after dinner and motivational speaker, a publisher, an author, and a martial artist with nearly 50 years of experience.
He is a Tai Chi Master, registered as an Senior Level instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain (The highest of their 4 instructor grades). He is also a 6th degree black belt in Karate Jutsu.
Robert is a believer in 'lifelong learning' and as well as continuing to study in a variety of different areas he studied from 2007-2010 on a full-time degree course which led to him being awarded a B.Sc. (Hons) in Sports Psychology and Martial Arts from the University of Derby.
He teaches Tai Chi both through live classes and via an online site with pre-recorded and live video lessons.
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