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Martial Musings Volumes 1 to 6 by Robert Agar-Hutton
Martial Musings Volumes 1 to 6
The collection of Volumes 1 to 6 of Robert Agar-Hutton's Martial Musings an invaluable set of suggestions and ideas for martial arts students of any age. Robert is a lifelong Martial Arts student, studying since 1970 and still learning and teaching. He is an expert in Tai Chi, Karate Jutsu, and Self Defence with al;most 50 years of experience. If you study any martial art you should be able to find information and tips that will let you do more or do better...

Vol 1: Thoughts on Tai Chi and other Martial Arts
Vol 2: The Ten Things That Martial Artists Need To Know
Vol 3: The Seven Keys To Movement
Vol 4: 32 Types of Exercise for Martial Artists
Vol 5: In Defence Of Self (Self Defence)
Vol 6: Basic Strategies, Tactics and Moves
Number of Words: 21700
Genre: Martial Arts

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