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Love And Other Stuff by Simon J Sebastian
Love And Other Stuff
A short book of poetry. Simon's poems encompass the deeply profound and the light hearted and whimsical. There may not be something for everyone but there may be several for you...

Coming Home
It won’t be long before she comes home.
Home from a long day at school.
Fighting with the boys and giggling with the girls.
Still young, how soon I wonder, before the giggling is with boys and the fighting with girls?
But for now, pigtails flying she runs up the path.
Smiling and skipping, full of the joys of innocent youth.
She runs to me, and beaming asks, “What’s for tea, dad?”.
And I, supposedly so cynical, amazed to be made joyous by such a simple question.

Number of Words: 1900
Genre: Poetry

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