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How To Deal With Verbal Aggression by Robert Agar-Hutton
How To Deal With Verbal Aggression
Have you ever been the victim of verbal aggression?
Have you been talked down to, shouted at, sworn at or threatened?
Would you like to be able to protect yourself from verbal aggression?

Do you remember a time when you were made to feel uncomfortable by the way someone spoke or shouted or screamed at you? You may even remember actually being scared because of the anger and hostility aimed towards you.....

You can learn how to deal effectively with verbal aggression when it happens at work, at home or on the street.

Would you like to know:
- What are the three causes of Anger?
- What are the four types of Anger?
and most importantly...
- What are the three primary ways of dealing with verbal aggression?

'How to deal with Verbal Aggression' is full of facts and techniques that can help you...
- What are the five main ways of understanding the meaning of what people say?
- What are the four best non-verbal defensive strategies?
- What are the four critical verbal defensive strategies?
- How can you cope with people who continually swear?
- How do you deal with aggression on the telephone?
- What is the most important thing to remember in a face-to-face situation?

All of the above and much much more is covered in easy to understand detail. 'How to deal with Verbal Aggression' will teach YOU how to deal with Verbal Aggression.

Number of Words: 16000
Genre: Personal Development

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