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Carl Boniface
Book and Profile
The Entrepreneur Business
Are you an Entrepreneur? Do you want to be one or have you ever just simply wondered what makes people take on all of the risks involved in setting up and running their own business?
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Carl had a humble upbringing while learning values from his parents and participating in studies, however, that doesn’t mean to say he had a perfect education. In fact, he used to think schooling was a complete waste of time and he could not understand why academic achievements were necessary.
His philosophy on life then turned out to be a young person’s naïve attitude syndrome that later made him realize that qualifications from scholarly disciplines were extremely important; more today than ever before. Without guidance he searched for direction to grow. From his moral stand point he realized that only he could be responsible for reaching his goals, and by harnessing innovative ideas he would learn a wide range or disciplines, while widening his scope for growth.
He started reading personal development books by renowned self growth coaches while researching business management techniques through home study channels, reading Time magazine and the Economist along with every bit of information he could gather. His knowledge grew while building his own small enterprises including Queen’s English for Professionals Ltd; a Brazilian based English School in the grand industrial city of Sao Paulo in the late 80s.
Five years on and his company’s teachers were servicing executives in leading multinational companies like Chase Manhattan, Deutsche Bank AG, Becton Dickinson, and Coopers & Lybrand that later merged with Price Waterhouse. To continue development Carl began an import firm representing First Aid only, Inc, and a year later he became the Brazilian territory licensee for Enviro-Tech International that operated via organized direct sales and network marketing. He helped introduce Dri Wash into Brazilian culture while creating ongoing success.
Carl has since supported many successful projects and new ventures in the UK with the development of a London based web agency that specialized in building casinos using integrated technology. He then relocated from London to Miami where he started developing the nonprofit educational website for students ratings.
Carl lives in Brazil where he has now spent over twenty happy and interesting years from both a business and personal point of view.
As an authority on self development he teaches students from all walks of life how to improve attitude while focusing one’s attention on positive habits.
Carl Boniface
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